Digital content strategy


•In IKEA’s website, create a separate column to showcase these products. Start with how they were made and then follow on to their lives every day. Give each product a character that people can connect with. The products can play a role in suggestions, telling a joke for the day and the storyline for the products can be built. 

•The idea is to get these characters trending and for consumers to relate to them and love them. Once these products have become quite famous, we can then organise an event with these products- almost like a meet-and-greet at the stores. People can take pictures and post it online.  

•Every idea that trends gets media attention. We can also invite media for 1:1 with the famous characters. 

•As for sustaining this idea, work with an artist to create a weekly column in the media for a series of comicstrips around what happens in the room where the particular furniture is located “Business of Bed” “Rocking the chair” etc.


•As soon as possible. Building these characters takes time and to build a solid brand property for IKEA using these characters would take minimum three months. 

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Mithun Prakash

Digital Head - Titan 

On my first call with Shahbaz I was taught how to pronounce his name. Which was a good sign considering he was a PR professional. He has since then worked on some of the biggest campaigns on brand Titan like RagaXMasaba, Octane Squadron, Juxt Pro etc. What I’ve noticed about Shahbaz is that, he is extremely passionate, well informed, organised and most of all fun to work with. Shahbaz and his teams work stood out during the launch of RagaXMasaba. From handling the press release , Journalists, influencers etc. they pulled off the biggest campaign for the year in style. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Shahbaz and his wit and quirk will be missed.

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Amy Thomas

Marketing Manager - Titan

It has been an absolute delight to work with Shahbaz during the #RagaXMasaba campaign. He worked closely on Titan Raga's first designer collaboration and made very insightful and actionable suggestions. Shahbaz and his team contributed to one of the most exciting campaigns for the year, right from suggestions at the planning stage to the execution and consequent earned coverage. Our team was very impressed with the very 'influential' influencer coverage that he was instrumental in putting together. His keen aesthetic sense and involvement meant that we never had to revise the influencer piece in any way. The influencer piece also helped us garner phenomenal impressions for the campaign. He is an astute PR professional, and always ahead of the curve. I look forward to seeing more exciting work from him! 

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Ann S Joseph 

Communications Lead at Goldman Sachs

Shahbaz was one of our points of contact for a PR campaign. During the course of which, I observed that he was dedicated and followed through on commitments. When faced with a challenging situation, Shahbaz would smile, roll up his sleeves and work with us closely for a solution. He was extremely helpful even after the campaign concluded, truly going beyond the call of duty. It has been a pleasure to work with Shahbaz and I wish him the best !

Client Recommendations

Meet our furniture ~ IKEA.



•Create brand awareness for the hero products from IKEA

•Drive brand differentiation by owning this series 

Key Message:Learn more about what makes us special. Our furniture each has a story to tell

Focus Narrative: Each furniture is unique. It has feelings and emotions. Understand your furniture and know how much pain goes into making it. Yours truly, IKEA.

Approach: What: How: When: Where: Digital timeline and graphic strips on owned media.

What: Create specific characters for your hero products. Select a chair, table, sofa and bed set for this series. Create characters for the furniture. i.e. Clair the chair, Tell it all at the table, Sophie the sofa and Business of bed.